Hola! If there was one country we wish we could stay and take in all the sights a little longer - it would definity be Colombia! We ended up capturing the love between Karina and Juan and their love for one another that was casted in city of "eternal spring" Medellin, Colombia. Known for their spring-like weather year round, clean subway system, AMAZING food, lively chivas (party buses) and the place to marry your soul mate. Karina and Juan made an excursion of their destination wedding and turned 2 weeks in the south american country into their own backyard playground. Karina, whose ethnicity is Colombian wanted to bring it were it began. Juan who is Puerto Rican quickly identified Colombia as his home away from home.

The couple hosted 50+ guests at the Finca Ananda in Girardota, Antioquia, Colombia (A modern luxury estate) that came equipped with all the amenities one could ask for (including wifi, a recreation room, common area dining area, a large pool, soccer field and a friendly staff of housekeepers who cooked and cleaned around the clock for the guests) Karina and Juan also included an itinerary for all the days there, with plenty of activities to take part in. Horseback riding up the mountains of Medellin, party buses, shopping in luxury malls (Santa fe, which has a gorgeous indoor garden that boasts an array of vibrant flowers that they arrange seasonally into intricate designs). Our favorite was hiking up a mountain known as the “Rock of Guatapé” that tourists can climb by taking the 659 steps of stairs. Once they’re at the top, they can admire the impressive view that stretches on for miles. To sweeten the arrival after such a cardio intensive workout, at the top of the rock is a cozy bar nestled in it's facade as well as a merchandise store with tons of swag!

As the day arrived for Karina and Juan to say their "I do's" the cast of tropical birds provided the soundtrack for the day as witnessed by the couples closest friends and family. It was surely a beautiful day in paradise. Congratulations Karina y Juan!

feliz matrimonio!