The best online tuxedo rental for grooms, and his guys

So you've decided on wearing a tuxedo for your wedding day? you're thinking to yourself how miserable it'll be to find the right one, the cost and it's practicality. Now, there are plenty of great debates for renting vs buying and we would rather not chime in on that (as there are pros and cons to both options) however – when it comes to finding great suits for your groomsman and for yourself, the internet is your friend.

Gone are the days of the bridal shops monopolizing the tuxedo market with over sized tuxedos, astronomical prices and minimal options with regards to styling. These days the new players of the tuxedo scene are making impressions on a new breed of fashion and budget conscious groomsman; here is why we believe The black tux is the best online tuxedo rental brand for any groom and his groomsmen.

The Black Tux

The look

The black tux is a personal favorite of ours as we have rented suits and tuxedos for several occasions. The black tux definitely is one of the more stylish choices of the bunch for the way you are given complete control to get all kinds of shirts, ties, shoes and accessories to make your selection that more customized. This ability to further look like a “non-rental” alternative is very appealing.

The fit

The black tux offers a measuring guide based on your provided sizing information that is just okay, however their strength is the ability to have clients walk in to one of their offices (probably in a mall) and get fitted with a black tux representative. The experience is something all men should try at least once, our local Black tux office in Natick, Massachusetts is inside of the Nordstrom store were you realize a refined and more modern way to rent suit is finally here. The representatives are knowledgeable, friendly and you can get a feel for every aspect of the suit unlike punching your measurements into their guide. The suits have a premium feel, and there options to even have the suit fit more to your body type – this is far from your frumpy prom tuxedo.

What do we think?

To rent from the black tux, you truly have to look at your situation personally and decide if you need to buy instead of rent. Are you going to have other events that require you to be in formal wear? would you want a variety of styling options? The choice is yours, however you cannot beat the pre-styled looks that the black tux offers. Better yet, for the groom that has to manage other grown men – the black tux offers a very clever feature that allows you to monitor every facet of the ordering process of your groomsmen (from reservations to fitting) all at your fingertips. On an economic standpoint, the suits max out at around $230 and add-ons such as cufflinks and shoes are just plain convenient. Did we mention that once fitted and the suit is paid for – the suit arrives at your address 2 weeks prior to the event date (plenty enough time fix any issues) to which the black tux would send another suit to your new specifications. After the event, and you've created great memories in the suits, you return both with included shipping labels, welcome to the new school of renting! Check out their style guide for more info