Given the uncertainty surrounding covid-19 and the enormous investment of planning a wedding an increasing number of couples that still plan on getting married in 2020 and beyond are shifting to more intimate affairs. That’s where a micro wedding comes in, an intimate setting with typically no more than 50 guests, featuring all the traditional features – just on a smaller scale.

So, how do you have a micro wedding? Not to be confused with an elopement, a micro wedding is a great way to go “all out” while staying under budget. Micro wedding’s are also a great way to create a themed wedding for any budget and make it look amazing! Surrounded by your closest friends and family here are a few tips you should follow to have a micro wedding you will cherish and remember forever.

First, Find a Beautiful Location

Just because your having a micro wedding doesn't mean it can't be held somewhere awe-inspiring. If you decide to go with a lavish micro wedding, you should find a location that has striking views and has enough room for your ceremony/reception. This could mean a grassy field surrounded by trees, a beach, or any number of beautiful locations.

Start it from the bottom

What are a few things EVERY (and we mean every) wedding has to have? Good food, The best music and Alcohol! Nothing brings together any celebration better than the “entertainment trinity” – using these basics as a foundation will help enhance the wedding experience for everyone. Always dreamed of having a champagne tower? With less than 50 people at your wedding you can certainly build a tower with the best bubbly great Gatsby style!

Pick a Theme

Let’s say your wedding is outdoors, this can help enhance specific wedding themes, making them more appealing to go along with. You can go rustic, island, garden, mountain, or something else that gives your wedding a bit more charm and magic.

Team up with an event planner

Working with an event planner might be the best investment in terms of efficiency. Planners can serve as excellent resources in terms of scouting locations, finding or supplying décor and props, and just possessing the general wealth of knowledge on making your ideas become reality. We have been honored to cover weddings completely transformed into wonderlands for lovebirds – any reputable, creative and experienced event planner is worth checking out!


Dress for the Occasion

While a micro wedding is small, that doesn't mean you should skimp on the aesthetics. When done right a micro wedding can be transformed into intimate escapes straight out of a bridal magazine. Once you've picked your theme, tie it together with the attire you decide for you and everyone at the wedding to wear. This means you can stray from the traditional tux and wedding gown and go more unconventional, the choice is yours. With some planning you will have created a unique memory that will be enjoyed by everyone in attendance.

Livestream it

Let’s face it Covid-19 changed the way we do things now, possibly for the foreseeable future. No one in their right mind will argue with why you can’t invite all 76 of your cousins, aunts, uncles, etc. In fact, many venues in Boston are no longer taking large wedding parties over 50 guests under the new state and federal Covid-19 guidelines. So, what to do to share your wedding with family and friends who can’t make it? Hire a wedding professional who does live streaming services. Be mindful to send out electronic invites about the event with a date, time, and secure password to login to the Livestream and you’re ready to go viral!  

Hire the right pros

 You will have enough on your plate without having to figure out how to throw a micro wedding, no matter how small it is. No matter how small, or big – weddings are celebrations of love! What better way to focus just on the “love” portion than to have someone do the work for you? Local bakeries for your cakes, shop a small boutique florist who might specialize in simple yet beautiful arrangements. Many vendors (such as event planners) are now offering hourly rates, which is great for the budget conscious. Hire professionals who know exactly how to turn your wedding into the most incredible day of your life. While this doesn't mean getting the most expensive event designers and exclusive wedding cake bakers on board, it does mean hiring a photographer, catering service, a local florist, and a small-scale wedding planners who are sure to over deliver.

The experience of a lifetime

With having an intimate wedding comes a lot of ways to incorporate meaningful touches for your guests too! Design your own invitations! Use Canva, print at staples on thick cardstock paper and create deckle edges to give it a handmade feel. Or consider leaving a two sided menu card with a thank you note to your guests. It’s easier to add special touches when your guest list is 25 opposed to 200 people. Get creative!

Making It a Micro wedding to Remember

As the concept of micro wedding is gaining a lot of traction nowadays, especially given the nature of covid-19. Having a micro wedding (at least until the CDC says otherwise) is a great way to still have a celebration with space to socially distance yet with just enough people you want to celebrate with . When planned right, having a micro wedding will surely be a day to remember not only for you, but your friends and family will not stop raving about it afterwards.